God at Work Conversations

What does it take to live each day with purpose? Watch one or more of our conversations on your own or with others, start your own conversation and transform how your faith impacts your work.
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Episode 1
What does it mean to have purpose in our work? Whether or not we enjoy it, everything we do is important to God. No matter what your vocation, God knows how tough working life can be.
Episode 2
The nature of our workplace is changing dramatically. Our working lives are longer and with the advent of the digital age, there are increasing opportunities available to us.
Episode 3
God’s wisdom is invaluable, especially when working with others, facing temptation or difficult decisions.
Episode 4
Our Christian faith is not always easy to live out in our workplace. How do we make steps to entrust more of our work to God?
Episode 5
It is not how much money we have, it is our attitude towards money that counts. Our credit card, iTunes account, bank account all tell the story of what we value and where our priorities lie.
Episode 6
Society tells us to hold onto our money, whereas God’s attitude is to loosen our grip. Do our actions reflect a godly attitude towards giving?
Episode 7
Is ambition, as once described by Johnny Depp, a ‘dirty word?’ The Bible suggests ambition can be a godly characteristic. How can God use our ambition as an influence for good in the world?
Episode 8
We inevitably experience failure at work. Maybe we didn’t get the job we hoped for, perhaps our plans were unsuccessful or we’ve made a mistake.
Episode 9
We make decisions at work everyday, but whether a decision is right or wrong isn’t always clear. How strong are our foundations when we are faced with temptation and compromise?
Episode 10
The working life is not always smooth, to face the ups and downs we need to be smart, skilful and wise decision-makers. What steps can we take to make strong decisions?
Episode 11
We often talk about finding a work/life balance. Is it possible to live well and be content regardless of our circumstances?
Episode 12
Stress is a major issue of our time. It affects our emotions, our health and our ability to thrive in our work. How do we avoid burn-out? How well are we equipped to fight our fears and stay healthy?