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09 Nov 2009

Ken Costa speaks at Museum of London

Doing good by doing well: Re-defining moral capitalism Professor Kenneth Costa 3 November 2009

09 Nov 2009

Ken Costa Article in the Financial Times

Tame the markets to make capitalism ethical Ken Costa

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12 Oct 2009

Ken Costa Speaking at 366th Annual Lion Sermon

Professor Ken Costa is speaking at the 366th annual Lion Sermon on Thursday 15th October 2009 at 1.05pm on Faith in the City at St Katharine Cree, 86 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 3BP.

05 Oct 2009

Transform Work UK Conference - Birmingham


Does God WORK Here? A conference to energise Christian impact at work Saturday 14th November 2009 Birmingham Christian Centre The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, in his commendation of the Conference, says "There is no more urgent time than now to break down the compartmentalised thinking that separates trust in God from the world of work".

05 Oct 2009

Professor Ken Costa gives talk at the Tony Blair faith foundation

“Professor Ken Costa gives talk on perspectives on faith and Development at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Click here for the complete transcript”

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05 Oct 2009

Professor Ken Costa gives Gresham talk on rebuilding the trust in the economy

“click here to read Ken Costa’s transcript on rebuilding the trust in the economy that he gave at Gresham college on the 24th September”

05 Oct 2009

Professor Ken Costa gives free public lectures at Gresham College

“ Ken Costa will deliver an annual six free public lectures of the course of Three years with his new appointment as the Gresham College Professor of Commerce. Click here to see a calendar of these events”

05 Oct 2009

Professor Ken Costa gives Wilberforce address

“The Wilberforce Address 2009, hosted by the Conservative Christian Fellowship was given by God at Work Author, Ken Costa. He spoke on ‘The Economy’ at a ticketed event that was help on the 24th June at the Houses of Parliament.”

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05 Oct 2009

Professor Ken Costa Appointed Gresham College Professor of Commerce

“Ken Costa, Chairman of Lazard International, has been appointed the new professor of commerce at Gresham College, London’s Oldest higher education institution. In this position, which will not affect his role as Chairman of Lazard Internaitonal, he will deliver an annual series of six free public lectures over the course of three years”

02 Jul 2009

We must break the bonds of economic slavery and find a new way to live

Published in The Telegraph

In Westminster Abbey's north choir aisle is a statue of a man who was one of the greatest statesmen of his age: a man who is my inspiration. As one would expect, the statue's inscription has a prominent mention of the achievement for which William Wilberforce is best known.

24 May 2009

Global crisis through a spiritual lens

The Business Times, Singapore

Lazard International chairman says the key issue now isn't how long the recession lasts, but how to rebuild trust.

THE financial crisis goes beyond the credit crunch and ruined balance sheets. To Ken Costa, chairman of Lazard International, the crisis is one that reaches deeply into spiritual and moral issues - whatever your faith or creed.

19 May 2009

Ken Costa in Singapore

Ken Costa spoke at one of Singapore's largest churches on Sunday 17th May. During the English service of Faith Community Baptist Church, Ken talked about 'What Are You Doing With What You've Been Given?' The church meets at the Singapore Expo MAX Pavilion. You can listen to the talk here.

08 May 2009

Ken Costa comes to Singapore

Ken Costa will be speaking at four separate events in Singapore in May. These include a marketplace talk, a God at Work launch seminar and he will be preaching at St Andrews Cathedral New Sanctuary and Faith Community Baptist church.

14 Apr 2009

Britons turn to religion over debt worries

The heading was found on the front page of the FT over the Easter weekend, which reported:

'Britons are turning from Mammon to religion as the downturn bites – for advice about debt and redundancy, not simply spiritual consolation.

07 Apr 2009

Ken to give Wilberforce Address 2009

The Wilberforce Address 2009, hosted by the Conservative Christian Fellowship, will be given by God at Work author, Ken Costa.

He will speaking on 'The Economy' at a ticketed event to be held on 24th June, 7-9pm in the Attlee Suite, Houses of Parliament.