09 Dec 2011

We're finding common ground between the City and Occupy activists

I doubt that when Hector Sants was appointed as chief executive of the Financial Services Authority in July 2007, he would have expected to find himself in a Bedouin tent talking to protesters, some of whom object to the entire financial services industry.


By Ken Costa 11:04PM GMT 08 Dec 2011

05 Dec 2011

Ken Costa at Business in the Community's AGM

Ken Costa spoke on reconnecting the financial and the ethical at BITC's AGM on 1 December 2011.

23 Nov 2011

St Peter's Brighton Interviews Ken Costa

On Sunday, 20 November, St Peter's Church in Brighton interviewed Ken Costa. Topics included the financial crisis and taking your faith into the workplace.

Listen to the full interview here:

14 Nov 2011

Ken Costa's Article in the Sunday Telegraph on The St Paul's initiative: 'It's time for radical change'

Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

By Ken Costa, chairman, St Paul's initiative 9:00PM GMT 05 Nov 2011

The events of the last week have reminded us, as if we needed reminding, that there is, as Rowan Williams put it in the Financial Times, “widespread and deep exasperation with the financial establishment”.

07 Nov 2011

Ken Costa on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Ken Costa addressed the topic of bankers and morals on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme. The full audio can be heard here:

31 Oct 2011

Ken Costa's Article in the Financial Times on Why the City should heed the discordant voices of St Paul’s

October 28, 2011 7:58 pm Why the City should heed the discordant voices of St Paul’s By Ken Costa

During the week I spent some time at the anti-capitalist protesters’ camp at St Paul’s Cathedral. They were a diverse group, intense and passionate and, in short, the usual cabal of those wanting to smash capitalism blended with a more thoughtful element.

28 Oct 2011

Ken Costa Launches God at Work for Soul Food in London

The London based Catholic prayer group, Soul Food, launched a new God at Work course on 27 October. Ken Costa gave the opening talk on the subject of Work Matters.

If you would like learn more about Soul Food, please visit

28 Oct 2011

Ken Costa on Reconnecting the Financial and the Ethical

Ken Costa spoke on 27 October at The Mansion House for the Lord Mayor's 'Trust and Values' conference.

13 Oct 2011

Ken Costa on Vision and Values in a Time of Volatility

Ken Costa's September 2011 Gresham lecture on Vision and Values in a Time of Volatility.

01 Sep 2011

God at Work Course Starting 17 October in London

The God at Work course is hosted by Ken Costa and Jago Wynne. Ken is the author of the God at Work book on which the course is based. Jago is the author of another book, Working without Wilting.

The evenings are designed for any person wanting to look at how the Christian faith can be lived out with purpose and integrity in the workplace.

20 Apr 2011

Ken Costa on Leadership at a Time of Transition and Turbulence

Ken Costa speaks at Barnard’s Inn Hall on April 5th 2011 on 'Moral Leadership in a Wikiworld'