Which narrative of my life do I believe?

Each of us has a history, a personal story that gives meaning to our lives—and also to our fears. Often those main storylines are colored not by strong and encouraging narratives but by anxious thoughts of uncertainty, bad experiences with home and family, traumatic events at school, and demoralizing words from our elders and peers.

Can you see the world differently?

We learn a great deal about discovering our callings and making an impact from Caleb in the Old Testament. He was an extraordinary man.  Five times it is said that Caleb “served the LORD wholeheartedly” and that he had a “different spirit.”

Purpose Driven Work with Rick Warren

Jesus said 'I have come that you might have life', he wants us to live out this life in everything we do; both at home and at work.   We’re probably going to spend half of our life working and yet do we really understand our motives for doing what we do.   Pastor Rick Warren interviews Ken Costa on our motivations, calling, purpose, our character and failures.  Watch and be inspired.

Flip the Fear

Five ways to be fearless in the workplace

God calls us to a courageous life.  We need to take up the call of faith over fear.  I know personally how disappointments of yesterday can drain us of energy for today and tomorrow, how dashed hopes can make us start to doubt our own abilities and judgements at work.  I hope, can be a turning point, a flipping point, in your life.  I want to inspire you to make bold steps forward in what you do, to punch through the paralysis of fear and leap out the comfort zone.

The Waiting Room

The buffering circle on a webpage, or the ‘3-5 working days’ delivery date, frustrates an ‘instant’ generation. We want high quality and we want it now.  This attitude makes us want a fibre-optic-Amazon-Now version of prayer too, as we wait, often impatiently, for God to move and show us His guidance.  

But, the Bible offers a radically different attitude to waiting.  God calls us to an intimate relationship with him, one where we are called to embrace time in the Waiting Room.

I’ve found there are seven w’s which shift our attitude as we wait.

Do you know your why? Archbishop Justin

Know Your Why

Questions about purpose and identity have never been more important than to a generation grappling with unprecedented change. New distractions and pressures appear round every corner, and it can be difficult for Christians to hear God’s voice through the noise of the world. But whether you’re seasoned in the faith or just starting out, nothing could be more important than taking hold of God’s call for your life and living every day with his purposes at heart.

Ken Costa
Have you ever asked Why?! Do you wonder where you’re going, or why you're doing what you’re doing. Know Your Why is intended to enable you to hear God’s call in a noisy world. On sale at all good book retailers.

Freedom: Strange Kingdom - Episode 6

What is missing most in the workplace today? I have no doubt that it's freedom to live, aliveness.  As the workplace has become more stressful, the pressure has caused people to shrivel as human beings.  But we are able to reflect life in all it's fullness, this is a distinguishing feature of the Christian at Work.

Fellowship: Strange Kingdom - Episode 5

How does the forgiveness that we find on the Cross, relate to everyday life, and the fellowship that we have with each other?   

There is an extraordinary fellowship available to all - a fellowship that is brought about by the death of Jesus Christ for you and for me.