Authentically You: Good Values at Work

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How do we make a difference where we are?

Most people want to make a difference through their lives. We have to identify our part in extending God’s kingdom. This can be daunting, but it is with the joy of the Lord that we seek answers, knowing that we are loved, we are known and are called, by God, to play our part.

A New Year Message from Ken Costa

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Ken Costa suggests two habits for 2016 in this God at Work New Year Message. His encouragement is to live each day with purpose at work this year.

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Work Well | Live a Distinctive Christian Life

Does your office seem like the last place you expect to meet God?

Sometimes it can be a place of despair, futility and worldly values. Even when we enjoy our work environment things are not always as good they could be. But, however Godless a workplace may appear, it is not beyond his reach. It is not a no-God area.

A Christmas Message from God at Work

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Ken encourages us to dream big dreams this Christmas. And to remember that Jesus is Saviour of all the world, including our workplaces.

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Happy Christmas from all of us at God at Work!

We Need To Talk About The World

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‘Think differently’, ‘Life made easier’, ‘Play more than music. Play a part’.

These are all successful slogans used by tech giant Apple. They connected the perceived needs of people; the desire for purpose, belonging, identity and community and united them around a product. They created ‘whole new devices and services that customers did not yet know they needed.’ These needs are around us all the time. What answers do we as Christians bring, living ‘in' the world, but not ‘of the world’ at work?

God loves the world.

A Practical Guide to Being a Stressbuster

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Struggling how to put The Seven Stress Busters into action? Read this.

Nine successful professionals give us an insight into what they do when faced with stress and how they tackle tension in the office.

Take a look at these practical ideas and imagine what a transformed commute or client meeting could look like.

God wants us to flourish at work and not flounder.



Seven Stress Busters

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“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me”

But how?


My Faith at Work | Liz Earle

How Do You Deal with Stress?

Ken's Story

Ken Costa walking along the street in London's financial district.

Watch Ken Costa's story – where he’s come from, how he’s faced the tough times and what inspired him to write God at Work.