Know Your Why

Questions about purpose and identity have never been more important than to a generation grappling with unprecedented change. New distractions and pressures appear round every corner, and it can be difficult for Christians to hear God’s voice through the noise of the world. But whether you’re seasoned in the faith or just starting out, nothing could be more important than taking hold of God’s call for your life and living every day with his purposes at heart.

Ken Costa
Have you ever asked Why?! Do you wonder where you’re going, or why you're doing what you’re doing. Know Your Why is intended to enable you to hear God’s call in a noisy world. On sale at all good book retailers.

Freedom: Strange Kingdom - Episode 6

What is missing most in the workplace today? I have no doubt that it's freedom to live, aliveness.  As the workplace has become more stressful, the pressure has caused people to shrivel as human beings.  But we are able to reflect life in all it's fullness, this is a distinguishing feature of the Christian at Work.

Fellowship: Strange Kingdom - Episode 5

How does the forgiveness that we find on the Cross, relate to everyday life, and the fellowship that we have with each other?   

There is an extraordinary fellowship available to all - a fellowship that is brought about by the death of Jesus Christ for you and for me.

Forgiven: Strange Kingdom - Episode 4

Finished: Strange Kingdom - Episode 3

In this reflection we will focus on the final words of Jesus on the cross.  

'When he received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.’ (John 19:30)

When Jesus said “it is finished” he didn't mean he was finished. Three days later he rose again.   This wasn’t a moment of resignation, but a moment of victory.   It was not he, but his task that was finished. And his task had been to build a bridge between sin and safety.

What does it is finished mean for us at work this week?

Forsaken: Strange Kingdom - Episode 2

Everyone has moments of wondering, where is God in the middle of great darkness?  When terror strikes, disasters hit and the innocent suffer, we struggle to see the goodness of our Creator.

It’s a great comfort to me to realise that even Jesus faced such struggles. He cries out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)

In this reflection I want to look at how we can be strengthened in our lives at work by the forsakenness of the cross - at the moment of godforsakenness experienced by Jesus in his last moments of agony.

Is it OK to be Ambitious?

an image of a woman looking up whilst waiting for a train

If I am honest, being ambitious is something I have wrestled with in my career. So often I was asked by my managers, ‘what’s your career aspiration, which job title shall I write on your form?’, and I struggled.

Was it OK and godly to want to do bigger and more senior jobs?

Was it showing humility if I was striving for promotion?

Well, I made it to being a Head of HR and was on the HR Leadership Team for a large financial services firm, so I think the answer is, 'Yes. It is OK.'

How did I reach this conclusion?

Authentically You: Good Values at Work

Man stands looking away with Authentically You stamped above him

How do we make a difference where we are?

Most people want to make a difference through their lives. We have to identify our part in extending God’s kingdom. This can be daunting, but it is with the joy of the Lord that we seek answers, knowing that we are loved, we are known and are called, by God, to play our part.

A New Year Message from Ken Costa

Ken Costa speaking

Ken Costa suggests two habits for 2016 in this God at Work New Year Message. His encouragement is to live each day with purpose at work this year.

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