Be Thankful and Dream

Ken Costa
Ken Costa has worked in Finance for over 40 years and was formerly Chairman of Lazard International. He is the founder of God at Work, was formerly Chairman of Alpha International and in leadership at HTB church. He loves his sport and music, and is a husband and a father.

We know the world is not enough, we need the Holy Spirit and Jesus in our lives.  At this time of year, it can be easy to rush into all the festivities and busyness without giving ourselves time to pause and reflect, to be thankful and to dream.

Reflect and be thankful

Why not put some time in your diary to remind ourselves of the blessings of this year.  Whatever the year has been like for you, be thankful for the blessings of the workplace, of family and friends, for your homes and every other blessing you have received.   Take time to count your blessings.  How many can you get to? Can you get to one hundred?  Why not share your list with someone and celebrate what has happened in your life?  Spend some time alone with Jesus and be thankful that He came into the world for each one of us, and be thankful for the blessings in your life.

Dream for 2019

I think it’s important that we begin dreaming bold dreams for 2019.  Dream for the year ahead, have hopes for your place of work.  It doesn’t have to be a big dream but it does need to be a bold dream.  Remember, as hopeless as your workplace might seem, Jesus is the Saviour of the whole world, and that includes where you work.  Dreaming with our Father is an exciting thing, as dreams inspired by the self are unbearable but dreams inspired by the Holy Spirit are unbreakable.  As you dream I’ve found it’s helpful to journal.  Write down the words that God is speaking to you and the thoughts you have for 2019. 

Whatever your dreams are for 2019 remember you are loved by God, you are known by him and you are called by him

It’s ok to dream big and to be ambitious when it’s aligned to what God has called us to do.  For me, Christian ambition is the passionate and contented pursuit of challenging, yet attainable God given objectives.  From that foundation, we are right to ask for his blessing on our God given dreams so that we can make a difference in the world and bring him glory.

Whatever 2018 has held for you, and whatever your dreams are for 2019 remember you are loved by God, you are known by him and you are called by him.  From that secure base take some risks this year.  It doesn’t need to be a new task, it can be a new take on an old task but do it with greater intentionality.  2018 could be the best year of your life as you live each day with purpose.